Venice stood out as the most magnificent city we visited in September 2010


Our first visit to Europe

Debbie and I made our first adventure to Europe in September of 2010. We visited Paris, Venice, Greece, and London. We had a very successful vacation considering our rookie status. We enjoyed each of our destinations but fell in love with Venice. This website is a pictorial view of our first attempt to cross the pond. Our adventure was as beautiful as it was exciting. Europe is full of beauty, history, discovery, and excitement. Our first lesson was to rely on public transportation, particularly in London. Europeans are far superior in providing trains, monorails, and buses to eliminate the need for cars in big cities. This was extremely true in London where travel by car is close to impossible. We called London cabs mobile sitting rooms. They are very comfortable but unfortunately achieve nothing toward moving one around the city. Another highlight was our visit to Monet’s house and property outside Paris. We took a train to Vernon in the Normandy region, had a picnic on the grassy banks of the Seine, and enjoyed his infamous Lilly Pond. We also enjoyed London’s National Museum which displayed an abundance of the greatest art in the world.
“We take pictures in order to stop time and immortalize the moment.”
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